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As we now grapple with worries around the loss of income, school closures and health concerns following COVID-19, students are starting to feel its repercussions, i.e., having missed schoolwork or having found online schooling insufficient.

To challenge this, our school program educates students on how they can respond to their worries, whether they be about COVID-19 or schooling as the next stage of the year hits. In addition to educating students, the program targets teacher wellbeing.

The program is suitable for blended online or face to face delivery, and readily adaptable for global use.

So far, we're delighted to see the incredible impact the course has had on several schools.

Key Learnings from the Chilled and Considerate Program Shared by Year 5 Students at Kambala

"I have learnt to focus on what's happening right now, to reduce anxiety"

A 5N


Year 5 - 6 program
(8 x 20-25 minute lessons) 

Year 7 - 11 program
(5 x 60-minute lessons or 15 x 10 to 20 min lessons)

Year 12 program
(15 x 20-minute lessons)

Year 13 program
(Hong Kong and the UK)


All programs include:

Teacher materials including a manual, PPT slides, scenarios, audio and video clips, and guided meditations.

Access to advice and guidance through our regular communication and Zoom calls.


Download an excerpt from the lesson materials here


A 12-month whole school license to access and use each of the programs is AU$847
(inc. GST; approximately £420 GBP)


The purchase of a second program is only AU$638
(inc. GST)

Complete Program

Valid for 12 months


Prices are in Australian Dollars

and include 10% Good and Services tax

If you prefer not to pay by credit card and require an invoice, please click here

Complete single program with student journal

Teacher materials, including manual, slides and meditations

2 hour Teacher Wellbeing Course for staff delivering the program

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