The uncertainty caused by COVID-19 has significantly impacted the 2020 school year. Students have experienced unprecedented levels of uncertainty about their education, where parents and teachers are seeing the impact of this. 


However, through images, videos, journals and meditations, our programs are designed to help students, teachers and parents, understand and alter responses to uncertainty.


These learnings will go beyond COVID-19, to the ability to manage change and worry wherever it may find us. 


“I found myself considering my worries and how I am often detonating uncertainty bombs. I became more aware of the strategies and thinking needed to employ to better cope with such worries. Recently, I have been calmer and in control while handling some significant issues.”

Steve Owen, Directory of Wellbeing

The King's School

Program Authors

Dr Danielle Einstein

Clinical Psychologist

BSc (Psychol) (Hons) MPsychol (Clinical) PhD MAPS MACPA MAACBT

Dr Helen Wright

International Education Advisor

MA (Oxon), MA, EdD, PGCE, MIoD, FRSA

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