A school-based program, suitable for blended online delivery for Years 7-13, designed to support the emotional wellbeing of students during this public health crisis.

The uncertainty caused by Covid-19 is significantly impacting our lives. We are faced with questions such as: 'Am I at risk of catching the virus in my day to day life?' 'Will there be enough supplies while the country is in lockdown?' 'Will the health service cope?' 'What does it mean for me and those around me, if I get the virus?'


As part of the program, students will comprehend their own vulnerability to unhelpful reactions arising from COVID-19 fears. Changing routines can lead to anxiety, an insatiable desire for news and the cancellation of activities can effect the positive climate within a school. Learning from home has the potential to lead to mental health issues with teenagers and increased stress levels for parents. The program learnings will draw on student and staff strengths. The program will develop clear step by step skills and insight to manage emotional reactions. The lessons learned will outlast COVID-19 and apply to worry as it emerges long after the current crisis has ended. 

School students, staff and school leaders share deep concerns, but may not know how best to manage their reactions. The Covid-19: Chilled and Considerate Program has been designed as an emergency response to help schools support their students during this crisis.

"Dr Danielle Einstein is a world leader in school interventions to address anxiety though building tolerance of uncertainty...."

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In becoming part of the Chilled and Considerate community, you will have access to:

  • A 5 lesson program that deals with how to manage uncertainty, disappointment and isolation.

  • Teacher materials including a manual, PPT slides and guided meditations.

  • Access to advice and guidance through our regular communication and Zoom calls.


Download an excerpt from the lesson materials here.


We have kept our costs as low as possible – a 3 month whole school license to access and use the program is only $770 AUD +GST (AU$847) (approximately £420 GBP).


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**For NSW schools, the program addresses several NESA PDHPE Stage 4 and 5 Syllabus Outcomes for Health, Wellbeing and Relationships.


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Clinical Psychologist

BSc (Psychol) (Hons) MPsychol (Clinical) PhD MAPS MACPA MAACBT

Dr Danielle Einstein is a leading expert in understanding responses to uncertainty in the 21st Century. She is an author, researcher and Clinical Psychologist with 24 years experience. She commenced her career as Director of the Anxiety Clinic at Westmead Hospital in Sydney.  


Dr Einstein has been developing programs to enhance emotional health at schools based on fear of uncertainty since 2013. She has worked with over 16 schools to empower teachers to deliver cutting edge programs.  Dr Einstein conducts research in collaboration with both Macquarie University and the University of Sydney. She has published in peer reviewed international psychology journals on topics including managing uncertainty, procrastination and self compassion. She has published for parents, teachers, and mental health professionals.


Dr Einstein is called on by the mainstream media (The Project, Sunrise, ABC, Yahoo, Life Matters) to provide expert opinion. She was the first Australian Clinical Psychologist to explain how phone use contributed to anxiety and her research was cited in the Australian recommendations for school phone use.


For her work in other areas see www.danielleeinstein.com and www.thedip.com.


International Education Advisor


MA (Oxon), MA, EdD, PGCE, MIoD, FRSA

Dr Helen Wright is an International Education Advisor who currently works with school leaders and schools across the globe, including in China, Hong Kong, the UK, Europe, the US and the Middle East. She is a distinguished former Head of leading schools in the UK and Australia, and was named Tatler’s Best Head of a Public School in 2011. She holds Directorships of several educational organisations and other companies across the world and advises a number of school Boards on their governance. 


As a qualified executive coach, Dr Wright currently coaches numerous school teachers and leaders, from experienced leaders seeking a new challenge to new leaders finding their feet. Her insightful and incisive approach combines with her understanding and experience of organisational structures to enable the people she coaches to develop greater clarity about what they are doing, and where they are headed. Dr Wright consults internationally, and in addition to her current coaching engagements in Asia, the US, the Netherlands, Spain and the UAE, leads training and support sessions with leaders and schools across the globe, including in recent years on the New Principals’ course run by the Association of Independent Schools in NSW, Australia.

Buy Dr Wright's new book, 'The Globally Competent School: a manual', here